Grant Reporting

At the Hyde Family Foundation, we maintain a continued interest in the organizations we support. Organizations that receive a grant from the Hyde Family Foundation have a responsibility to report on the use of the funds granted. Timely reporting facilitates this process and enables us to review our programs and the impact of our grants. Reporting requirements, directions, and deadlines are detailed in each grantee’s grant agreement.

For any grants awarded in or after 2020, grantees should submit their reporting requirements through the grantee’s online grants management portal/account in Foundant, the same through which the original grant application was submitted. Again, full instructions on how to submit requirements can be found in the grant agreement. Also, notice of each reporting requirement due, along with a link to access the Foundant portal, will be emailed to the grant’s primary contact upon the approval of the request. The link to the portal can also be found here.

For any grants awarded in 2019 or prior, until notified otherwise, grantees should continue to submit their reporting requirements via email to Lauren Jenkins, Director of Grants Management, at and copy the appropriate program staff member. This is temporary, and you will be notified via email when you can submit through the online portal mentioned above. If you need a copy of the reporting template/guidelines, please email Lauren Jenkins.

Grantees are encouraged to review the reporting form(s) in advance of due dates. If you have any other questions regarding the reporting requirements of your organization, please contact Lauren Jenkins via the email above or call (901) 685-3400.