Our Goals

The Hyde Family Foundation focuses support on high-impact programs that develop new knowledge, improve public policy, nurture civic creativity, strengthen institutional foundations and engage the public.

The ultimate goal is a better, more progressive Memphis. To get there, we strive to achieve specific outcomes with our funding:

  • Recruit actively engaged public and private partners who have the capital, influence, time and energy to effect change.
  • Collaborate with partners to develop imaginative programs with measurable objectives.
  • Cultivate and promote progressive solutions to community issues.
  • Seek opportunities to strengthen the philanthropy of others.
  • Establish a change network that allows high-impact programs to learn from each other and breed new forces of progress.
  • Support community leaders who understand that demographics do not equal destiny.
  • Maintain a set of best practices in grant making that are replicable in other cities.
  • Lead the movement to broaden the city’s vision for itself.