Houses at University Place

Strengthening Neighborhoods

Strong neighborhoods are the cornerstones of any world-class city. Fundamental change occurs at the neighborhood level, and the Hyde Family Foundations believe that a vibrant urban core is essential to healthy surrounding neighborhoods. We support strong leaders who revitalize and unite communities around stable neighborhood anchors. 

Anchor Strategy

We believe that established “anchors” within a community can help lead a transformation of the neighborhood. The following are two examples of key neighborhood anchors:

St. Andrew AME Church has developed innovative programs to provide area residents with necessities such as childcare, education, food, clothing and housing.

With $1.4 billion in new investments, the Memphis Medical Center is reshaping the surrounding communities, including the two Hope VI developments: University Place and Legends Park.

Visualizing the Future

Confident, strategic design and redevelopment of the urban core is critical the goal of making Memphis a world-class city. We support the people, initiatives and organizations that believe in our city’s potential, like the Memphis Regional Design Center, which is planning the sustainable Memphis of tomorrow.