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    New School District In Frayser Sets High Goals

    by Stephanie Scurlock - WREG.com -

    (Memphis) Memphis City and Shelby County Schools aren’t the only school districts in Shelby County getting ready for the start of a new year.

    For the first time ever, a third school district will open its doors.

    It’s the state-run Achievement School District.

    Most public school teachers don’t start work until next week but teachers for the Achievement School District have been at it almost a month.

    They’re preparing to bring a new culture to Frayser schools.

    That will move students from the bottom five performers in the state to the top 25.

    “We’re really betting on the fact that if we get the right people in the school and give the right people the autonomy to make the decisions that matter most to kids that we can move our schools to the top 25 percent over the next five years,” said Supt. Chris Barbic, Achievement School District.

    The district has taken over Corning Elementary, Frayser Elementary and Westside Middle School.

    Students zoned for those schools are no longer Memphis School Students, they are students in the new state-run Achievement District.

    The superintendent says they’ll arrive to bright shiny walls and floors and an education based on achievement.   

    “We’re having registration next Tuesday. The first day of school is August 6th. We want everybody here that first day. We need to get after it, day one. We don’t have a minute to lose,” said Barbic.

    The Achievement School District is also taking over two charter schools in Memphis the old Lester and Gordon elementary schools and one school in Nashville.

    They’ve hired about 80 teachers, 60 from the Memphis area, the other 20 recruited from other states.

    The district says they have recruited the very best educators.