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    Memphis, Shelby County students make gains in all subjects

    By Jane Roberts - The Commercial Appeal -

    Memphis and Shelby County students made progress in every subject on state tests this year, according to data the state Department of Education released online Thursday.

    The highest gains for both systems was in science. In the city, about a third tested proficient or advanced, a 7 percent increase in mastery over last year. In Shelby County Schools, 71 percent performed at the high levels, a 6 percent gain.

    While the reading and math scores were lower than the science scores for both districts, SCS posted an 8 percent gain in high-achieving math students. Nearly 60 percent tested proficient or advanced. In the city, fewer than a third (28 percent) of students showed mastery, up 4 percent over last year.

    Statewide, the gains in math ranged from 10 percent loss in Etowah, in the far eastern corner of the state, to 28 percent gain in Perry County, southwest of Nashville.

    Both SCS and MCS show 3-4 percent gains in reading and social studies.

    Well over half the students in suburban Shelby County (61 percent) are considered strong readers, able to interpret and dissect books written for their grade-level. In the city, fewer than a third (29 percent) are at that level.