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    Day care students learn rules of bicycle safety

    By Timberly Moore - The Commercial Appeal -

    The school-aged children of the Kinder Caper Learning Center left the Levi Branch Library on Wednesday on a mission to spread the gospel -- of bicycle safety.

    Nancy Nash, a teacher at Kinder Caper, said the young students went back to the day care center after a bike safety class taught by a city of Memphis representative and began teaching younger children the rules of the road.

    "They were teaching them about holding your hand out when you make a turn and stuff," she said.

    Kyle Wagenschutz, the city's bikeway/pedestrian coordinator, said people need to learn safety rules as the numbers of cyclers increase with bike lanes around the city. About 35 miles of bike lanes have been installed by the city since 2010, and another 30 miles will be added this year.

    The flashing of bicycle safety lights and laughter filled a dark presentation room in the Levi library while Wagenschutz talked. All hands shot into the air when he asked how many of them owned bikes and what kind they had.

    "Mine has flowers all over it," said 9-year-old Takiya Jones. Taylor Busby, 7, said, "My bike has the Winks club on it."

    Wagenschutz said many Memphians are confused about such basic bike-safety issues as which direction to ride on streets.

    "Ride with the traffic, not against," he said. "In no instance do we expect a car to be coming at us. The same goes with bikes, because the bicycle has all the same rules and responsibilities as cars do on the road."

    For more information on safety, times and locations of bike safety classes visit bikepedmemphis.com

    -- Timberly Moore: (901) 529-2445