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    Memphis launches bike blog for two-wheel enthusiasts

    By Andy Ashby - Memphis Business Journal

    The City of Memphis is making it easier for citizens to follow existing and planned bike and pedestrian programs, projects and improvements.

    It has launched a new blog, www.bikepedmemphis.com, in accordance with Mayor A C Wharton declaring May as Bike Month across the city.

    Kyle Wagenschutz, the city’s bikeway/pedestrian coordinator, is heading up the new site.

    It has technical reports and plans pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian issues, as well as online interactive and printable maps.

    The blog lists public events pertaining to bicycle and pedestrian projects.

    The site’s safety and education page will contain city-developed resources for ongoing safety education. It will also have bicycle communting tips and links to bicycle and pedestrian-focused groups.

    Click here to download the 2012 State of Memphis Bicyling Report.