Transforming Education:

We are pursuing game-changing reform in K-12 education in order to close the achievement and opportunity gaps for our city’s children. 
To improve educational opportunities for all children in Memphis, we seek proposals that focus on supporting three key ingredients vital to this work: schools, people and advocacy.  

We support efforts that aim to expand the number of high-quality educational options available to students and their families.  We believe truly successful schools have shared characteristics including high expectations for kids and adults, strong leadership, academic rigor and clear benchmarks for student performance.  The Foundations do not limit themselves to any single type of school or curriculum, thus, we are open to all efforts that apply proven, successful models that afford kids the opportunity to excel in today’s world.  

The Hyde Family Foundations are committed to supporting systemic initiatives that attract, develop and retain the very best talent in the field of education with priority placed on school leaders and teachers.  We accept proposals that focus on developing human capital, as it is a fundamental building block for the success of our education system.  

The Foundations support efforts to empower citizens as they strive to place education at the top of the civic-priority list. We support programs and initiatives that advocate for public policies that expand educational options for families, empower strong leadership, enable school-based decision-making and ensure that our state’s graduation requirements are aligned to college and workforce readiness.      

Applications for projects involving Shelby County Schools MUST include a letter of support from the Superintendent.