Livable Communities:

The Hyde Family Foundations seek proposals that align with three major impact levers: (1) a strong urban core, (2) connected people, and (3) thriving neighborhoods.

A Strong Urban Core
where people live, work, and play
We seek proposals for activities that result in an increased number of citizens living, working, and attending school in the urban core. 

Connected People
via a network of green assets, streetscapes, and transit opportunities
Our grants fund activities that implement master and operating plans in world-class parks; advance city-wide park advocacy and planning; build the capacity of community garden programs; expand trail and bike facilities; improve sidewalks and streetscapes; and strengthen transit infrastructure and service delivery. Desired outcomes include more people enjoying parks and accessing community gardens, increased walking and biking, and greater utilization of transit in our city. 
Thriving Neighborhoods
through inside out leadership and engagement
Our grants are dedicated to activities that support neighborhood-based planning and capacity-building; educate citizens on best practices in city-building; and implement projects that are driven by community priorities. Outcomes sought by the Foundations include more civically active and engaged citizens, increased citizen knowledge and skills for empowered change, and improved neighborhood livability and quality of life.