How to Apply

Before seeking support, please thoroughly review the Hyde Family Foundations’ program interests and grant criteria. If you believe your organization and/or project fit within the Foundation’s program interests, you may submit an application for funding through our website by clicking here.

Applications must be accompanied by all the required attachments listed below, as well as a Grant Application Authorization Form, which is available here. The application for funding must include the following information:

In 2,500 words or less, please describe the following:

  • A detailed explanation of the need for the project.
  • The goals, objectives, and work plan for your project.
  • The population that will be served by your proposed efforts and the anticipated impact on the targeted population.
  • A description of your organization’s strategy for evaluating the project.
  • A description of your organization’s past experiences and successes in relation to this project.
  • A project timeline.
  • How the funds requested from the Hyde Family Foundations will be used.
  • A brief review of other area organizations providing similar services and any efforts to coordinate with these organizations.
  • An explanation of how this project corresponds with the Foundations’ program interests.
  • An explanation of why your organization is uniquely equipped to be successful, including a discussion of the qualifications of the organization’s Executive Director, Project Manager (if different from the ED), and any other staff members assigned to the project.

Please submit the following supporting materials:

  • The most recent audited financial statements (if required by law)
  • If not including your most recent audited financial statements, please attach a document explaining the reason for the omission.
  • A detailed project budget that includes amounts requested from and committed by other funders.
  • A copy of your organization’s current annual budget and the organization’s annual budget for the project year(s), if different.
  • A current list of your organization’s Board of Directors.
  • The Grant Application Authorization Form.
  • Any additional supplemental materials that may be relevant to the request (optional).

All applications are carefully reviewed by staff, and select applications are then reviewed quarterly by Foundation Trustees. Applications are typically reviewed at the Trustee meetings, but some funding decisions may be deferred when necessary. You will be notified promptly when your application is received, and you will be updated on the status of your application and the likely notification date within six to eight weeks of submission. Click here to see information on our grantmaking cycle. 

If you are unable to submit an application electronically, a paper application may be submitted.  For information on submitting a paper application, please click here.