Frequently Asked Questions

Funding Interests

  • What types of projects do the Hyde Family Foundations fund? We take a proactive, initiative-driven approach to charitable giving. Therefore, it is critical that organizations submitting unsolicited requests for support be engaged in activities that align wholly with our funding interests. Our current program interests are transforming education, investing in authentic assets and livable communities. For specific information on each program area, please see the grant guidelines.
  • How can my organization become a Key Organization? An organization cannot apply to become a Key Organization.
  • Are there dollar limits on the grants you make? We do not have a minimum or maximum dollar amount for our grants. Requested amounts should be based on the project or organizational budget and should take into account other sources of income.


  • Who may apply for grants from the Hyde Family Foundations? Most of our grantmaking is initiative-driven in nature, but we will accept requests from 501(c)(3) organizations that serve Memphis or influence policy change at the statewide level. We do not accept requests from political organizations or individuals.
  • My organization is outside of the Memphis area. Am I eligible for funding? We primarily fund organizations that serve the city of Memphis or influence policy change at the statewide level.
  • Do you accept proposals for projects outside the United States? No.
  • I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Can I apply for a grant? We do not accept requests from individuals.
  • Is it possible for my organization to receive a grant from the Hyde Family Foundations if we have never received funding from you before? We will review funding requests from organizations that we have not supported in the past. However, your organization must align with our program interests and follow our application guidelines to be considered for funding.

Application Process

  • My organization meets your eligibility criteria, and we are interested in applying for funds for our project. How do we apply? The first step in the application process is to submit an application through our website or through the mail. For more information on what to include, please refer to the How to Apply page.
  • Where can I find a copy of your grant guidelines? Our grant guidelines are available by going to the Grant Guidelines section of our website on the Grant Information page.
  • What happens after I submit an application? All applications are carefully reviewed by staff. You will be notified when the Hyde Foundations receive your application, and you will be notified again regarding the status of your request within six to eight weeks of submission.
  • Can I change my application once it has been submitted? You cannot make your own changes to grants submitted on-line. If there is information that needs to be added or changed in the application, please contact us immediately.
  • What time period should I use for my project budget? Your project budget should cover the year(s) in which you will be implementing the program for which you are requesting funds. If you are requesting support for operations, please use your fiscal year budget.
  • What attachments should I submit with my application? For a list of attachments to submit with your application, please refer to the How to Apply page.

Contact Information

  • If I wish to apply via mail, where should I send my application?

Send paper applications to:
Hyde Family Foundations
Attn: Lauren Jenkins
17 W. Pontotoc Ave., Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38103

  • How do I contact you if I have questions about the application process? Please direct inquiries about the application process to Lauren Jenkins at (901) 685-3400 or


  • I am a current grantee of the Hyde Family Foundations. Where can I find a copy of your reporting requirements? Our reporting guidelines and cover sheet are available here. If you have questions about reporting, please feel free to contact us.
  • Where does the Hyde Family Foundations’ money come from? The Hyde Family Foundations are a pair of philanthropic funds created by members of the Hyde family over a 50-year period, beginning with an initial $1 million investment by Joseph Hyde Sr. in 1961. For more information about the history of the Hyde Family Foundations, click here.
  • Can you direct me to an organization that offers resources for proposal writing? The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence offers a variety of services for grantseekers in eight Mid-South counties.

The Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence
1919 Lynnfield Rd. Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38119
(901) 684-6605